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Edward Cavanagh is a research fellow at Downing College, Cambridge, offering lectures and supervisions for the Faculty of History. He is a historian of legal thought and empires. His PhD focused on the development of international legal thought within imperial and colonial contexts from the era of Justinian to the era of Grotius. This work attempted to identify what might be called the pre-history of private international law. His current project traces the development of conquest and corporation within English legal thought from 1066 to 1930. This research, beginning in the medieval English empire, culminates in a critical analysis of the highest court of the British Empire – the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council – amid the Scramble for Africa. Before any of this, Edward has published a number of essays on the subject of land rights in South Africa. He is a stern proponent of comparative research, committed especially to interdisciplinarian work that looks at some aspect or other of the history of international law.

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