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March 2019 - Ginsburg, Tom: Democracies and International Law: The Trials of Liberalism 


March 2018 - Puhuja, Sundhya: The Changing Place of the Corporation in International Law 


March 2017 - Peters, Anne: Privatisation under and of Public International Law 


March 2016 - Chinkin, Christine: International Law and Women, Peace and Security


January 2015 - Greenwood, Christopher: Aspects of Sovereign Immunity (No recording available)

  • Part 1: Sovereignty, Sovereign Equality and Sovereign Immunity
  • Part 2: Sovereign Immunity and the Sovereign's Servants
  • Part 3: Jurisdiction and Justiciability


February 2014 - O'Connell, Mary: International Law and the Art of Peace


February 2013 - Sands, Phillipe: "La Cour!"

These lectures were not recorded.


February 2012 - Shany, Yuval: The Concept of Jurisdiction and Admissibility in International Adjudication - A Theoretical Framework


February 2010-2011 - Schrijver, Nico: The United Nations of the Future. The Role of International Law 


February 2009-2010 - Shaw, Malcolm: Regulating the Relationship between International and Domestic Law - no recording available


November 11 2008 - Rigo Sureda, Andres: Discretion and Policy in Investment Treaty Arbitration - no recording available


January 2008 - Zacklin, Ralph: The UN Secretariat and the Use of Force in a Unipolar World - no recording available


November 2006 - Wood, Michael: The United Nations Security Council and International Law - no recording available


November 2005 - Blix, Hans: The Use of Force in the International Community - no recording available 


November 2004 - Cot, Jean-Pierre: American Legal Thinking and International Law - A French Perspective - no recording available


November 2003 - Paulsson, Jan: Denial of Justice in International Law - no recording available