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Friday, 22 March 2019
Centre Library honoured to receive book donation
Mrs Cherry Hopkins with Dr Sarah Nouwen

On a bright and crisp February morning in Cambridge, Orfeas Chassapis-Tassinis and Dr Sarah Nouwen visited Mrs Cherry Hopkins, who had kindly offered her late husband's international law books to the Centre. 

A fellow of Downing and Hughes Hall, John Hopkins was one of Cambridge's foremost teachers in law, including international law. His book shelves were testament to his life-long interest in international law, carrying Oppenheim, Kelsen and McNair, as well as Christine Gray's 4th edition of the International Law on the Use of Force and other books that had come out only a few months before his death in September 2018.

The shelves also featured the British Yearbook of International Law, from the very first edition, 'the days in which people still wrote short articles', as Mrs Hopkins commented. For 25 years, she was assistant editor of the Yearbook. While Orfeas and Sarah packed up books, Mrs Hopkins shared memories of her lectures in international law, which had been delivered by Eli Lauterpacht. The stories, teachings and books will continue to live on, in and beyond the Lauterpacht Centre.