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Friday, 19 July 2019

Sarah NouwenAs of the July 2019 issue, Sarah Nouwen has joined J.H.H. Weiler as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of International Law family of publications by unanimous decision of the Board of Management. This includes the Journal, the EJIL: Talk! blog, and EJIL: Live! podcast series.

Dr Nouwen serves as Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, is Deputy Director of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, and was recently appointed as Professor of International Law at the European University Institute. She has been a member of EJIL‘s Editorial Board for several years.

Responding to her appointment, Dr Nouwen said:

"It is a tremendous privilege to join Professor Joseph Weiler and an outstanding team in editing the European Journal of International Law. To me, EJIL is so much more than a journal that publishes cutting-edge articles in all areas of international law; together with EJIL: Talk! and EJIL: Live! it stands for sharp and thorough discussion, for a desire to learn and an openness to new ideas and new questions. I will do my very best to promote that spirit."

EJIL is ​one of the world’s leading international law journals, having been established in 1990 by a small group of distinguished scholars based at the European University Institute in Florence. The Journal has grown since then in size, strength and reputation.



Photograph: Inglehaert, Hay Festival