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Friday, 18 March 2022

Marc Weller is a former Director and a Fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre, a Professor of International Law at the University of Cambridge, and a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers. He served as United Nations Senior Mediation Expert and has been an advisor in a large number of peace negotiations. He is the co-editor of International Law and Peace Settlements (Cambridge University Press, 2021). 

Professor Weller is the author of three recent articles on Opinio Juris. The views expressed are his own alone.



Possible Draft of a Framework Agreement on the Restoration of Peaceful Relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation

16 March 2022

This is the third contribution in a series addressing a possible peace settlement for Ukraine. The first -  Ukraine: How to End the War offered a narrative overview of some of the issues that arise. The second - An Off-Ramp for the War in Ukraine provided a more detailed overview of key approaches and likely issues. This instalment extends these contributions into the full text of a draft framework agreement.



An Off-Ramp for the War in Ukraine

14 March 2022

In his earlier post Ukraine: How to End the War, Marc Weller provided a narrative discussion of a possible settlement for Ukraine. In this companion piece, he presents an outline of a possible settlement.



Ukraine: How to End the War

Published: 11 March 2022 

On Monday, Russia floated a peace balloon. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov outlined the conditions for ending the war in Ukraine ‘in a moment.’ A day later, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry added that the war aim was no longer the removal of the government in Kyiv—presumably a necessary step if the Ukrainian leadership is to be romanced into a peace-settlement.