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These publications are by former Cambridge PhD Law students with a focus on international law.


Tort Litigation against Transnational Corporations: The Challenge of Jurisdiction in the English Courts (2024)

Ekaterina Aristova

Self-Determination as Voice  (2024)

Natalie Jones

The Justice Factory: Management Practices at the International Criminal Court (2024)

Richard Clements


Towards the Environmental Minimum - Environmental Protection through Human Rights (August 2021)

Stefan Theil



The International Court of Justice and Decolonisation - New Directions from the Chagos Advisory Opinion (February 2021)

Edited by Thomas Burri, Jamie Trinidad



Geographical Change and the Law of the Sea (December 2019)

Kate Purcell

Statehood and the State-Like in International Law (September 2019)

Rowan Nicholson


A Theory of Legal Personhood (August 2019)

Visa AJ Kurki

The Crisis behind the Eurocrisis
The Eurocrisis as a Multidimensional Systemic Crisis of the EU

Eva Nanopoulos

Maritime Delimitation as a Judicial Process (June 2019)

Massimo Lando

Comparative Reasoning in International Courts and Tribunals (May 2019)

Daniel Peat

Justice Framed: A Genealogy of Transitional Justice (March 2019)

Marcos Zunino



The Analogy between States and International Organizations (November 2018) 

Fernando Lusa Bordin

State Responsibility for Breaches of Investment Contracts (October 2018)

Jean Ho


International Investment Law and Arbitration (April 2018)

Jean Ho

Self-Determination in Disputed Colonial Territories (February 2018)

Jamie Trinidad 

Justification and Excuse in International Law: Concept and Theory of General Defences (January 2018)

Federica Paddeu



Legal Consequences of Peremptory Norms in International Law (August 2017)

Daniel Costelloe 

Irresolvable Norm Conflicts in International Law: The Concept of a Legal Dilemma (July 2017)

Valentin Jeutner  


The Child in International Refugee Law (May 2017)

Jason Pobjoy    

Provisional Measures before International Courts and Tribunals (February 2017)

Cameron Miles



Strategically Created Treaty Conflicts and the Politics of International Law (December 2014)

Surabhi Ranganathan