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The Eli Lauterpacht Fund

The Eli Lauterpacht Fund has been set up in memory of Sir Eli to support the work of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, which he founded, directed and inspired. We hope you will join us in remembering this extraordinary international lawyer and friend through donating to this Fund. 

With your support the Fund will be used to strengthen the Centre not only generally but additionally for three new initiatives – the Cambridge International Lawyers’ Archive, the Eli Lauterpacht Visiting Fellowships and the Eli Lauterpacht Events Fund. This will enable the Centre to become an even more vibrant place for research in international law, cementing its position as one of the field’s leading research centres in the world.

The LCIL Cambridge International Lawyers’ Archives

In collaboration with Cambridge University Library, the Centre is working to create an archive for the papers of international lawyers who have a strong connection to Cambridge, thereby attracting scholars from across the world who are interested in the history of international law. The library offers world-class archival facilities. In addition to Sir Eli’s papers, these facilities presently include those of deceased former lawyers - Clive Parry, Derek Bowett and Robert Jennings. 

The establishment of an archive has long been on the list of things that I have had in mind for the Centre … I have a 55-year accumulation of documents … which I would like to see placed in such an archive. … I would be very happy to hand it over for safe-keeping and ultimate use by researchers. Sir Eli (2006)

Eli Lauterpacht Visiting Fellowships

Eli loved welcoming scholars from across the world to the Centre. An Eli Lauterpacht Visiting Fellowship allows LCIL to invite each year a scholar, or a practitioner in international law, whose work is relevant to LCIL Fellows to spend at least a month at the Centre and join in research collaborations. 

Eli Lauterpacht Events Fund

Strengthening the Centre as a vibrant focal point for research in international law, the Eli Lauterpacht Events Fund will enable LCIL to convene seminars on a wide range of topics, welcoming leading scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds and regions. 

Contributing to the Fund

The Centre welcomes gifts to the Eli Lauterpacht Fund to further develop the Centre's facilities to promote the study of international law, or for any of the above three initiatives.

The support received helps the Centre maintain its position as one of the leading research centres for international law in the world, consistent with Sir Eli’s vision.

The Centre’s Director, Professor Eyal Benvenisti (, Tel: +1223 335358), would be delighted to discuss your donation.

Alternatively donations can be made at:

Thank you.


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