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​LCIL Partner Fellow

Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, Unión Europea y Cooperación/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation

1. PhD in Law (and “extraordinary prize”-1982) and PhD in Political Sciences and  Public Administration (and “extraordinary prize”-1986) from Complutense University of Madrid.
2. Recipient of the National Award for Excellence in Academic Performance in Political Sciences and Public Administration.
3. Academic stays in Geneva, The Hague, and Oxford.
4. Professor of Public International Law and International Relations at the Universities of Alicante (1987-1996) and Alcalá (since 1 October 1996). 
5. He has participated and participates, as a principal investigator or research associate, in numerous publicly (Spanish and European) and privately funded research projects.
6. Jean Monnet Chair (European Commission) since 1998 at the University of Alcalá. Director of the Centre of Excellence on Regional Integration (CEIR) and of the European Documentation Centre (CDE) at the University of Alcalá’s University Research Institute for Latin American Studies (IELAT).
7. Director of the Master’s Degree in International Human Rights Protection and the Master’s Degree in Regional Integration, official postgraduate degrees offered by the University of Alcalá since the 2009/10 and 2017/18 academic years, respectively.  
8. He has taught courses and seminars on his area of expertise at the Diplomatic School (Madrid), the Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies (Madrid), the Spanish National Institute of Public Administration (INAP), the Ortega y Gasset University Research Institute, and as part of the courses organized by the Spanish General Council of the Judiciary. External collaborator of the Elcano Royal Institute. 
9. Director of the Spanish Section of the Hispano-Luso-American Institute of International Law (IHLADI) from 2004 to 2008 and current IHLADI member. Corresponding member of the Argentine Association of International Law (AADI). Member of the Latin American Society of International Law (SLADI) and of the Spanish Arbitration Club (CEA). 
10. Editor of the Spanish Yearbook of International Law (Martinus Nijhoff), from 1991 to 2004; member since 2005 of its advisory board and honorary editor since 2013. Editor of the Anuario Hispano-Luso-Americano de Derecho Internacional from 2008 to 2012.
11. Member of the advisory board of, amongst other journals, the Revista Española de Derecho Internacional from 1987 to 1997. 
12. Author or editor of eleven books and numerous articles on the following subjects: the concept and method of public international law, the formation of rules, territorial jurisdiction and the law of the sea, diplomatic protection, state responsibility, human rights and humanitarian law, European Union law, international jurisdiction, and Spanish international practice and foreign policy.
13. He has consulted for governments, international organizations and transnational corporations. Counsel and advocate before the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. Honorary advisor to the Central American Court of Justice. 
14. Head of the International Legal Department of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 13 March 2018.
15. See: Who’s Who in Public International Law 2007, Cambridge 2007 (Crestwall Ltd.), pp. 182-183. See also: European Commission, Jean Monnet: Success Stories – Europe for Lifelong Learning, Luxembourg 2007 (Office for Official Publications of the European Communities), p. 28.