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12 - 15 March 2024 - Beth Simmons, Andrea Mitchell University Professor of Law, Political Science and Business Ethics, at Penn Carey Scool of Law, School of Arts and Sciences, and  the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 


14 March 2023 - Chimni, Bhupinder: Capitalism and the Doctrines of International Law


29 November - 2 December 2022 - Kingsbury, Benedict: International Law Futures


2 - 4 March 2021 - Marks, Susan: On Dignity


March 2020 - Madsen, Rask Mikael: Human Rights and the Making of Europe: The European Court of Human Rights in the Grand Transformation (no recording available)

  • Part 1: Legalizing Free Europe: Human Rights, Cold War and the Construction of the Post-War European Legal Order (1959-89)
  • Part 2: The ECtHR in the New Europe (1989-2009)
  • Part 3: The Endof Consensus: The ECtHR in the Age of Megapolitics (2009-2019)


March 2019 - Ginsburg, Tom: Democracies and International Law: The Trials of Liberalism 


March 2018 - Pahuja, Sundhya: The Changing Place of the Corporation in International Law 


March 2017 - Peters, Anne: Privatisation under and of Public International Law 


March 2016 - Chinkin, Christine: International Law and Women, Peace and Security


January 2015 - Greenwood, Christopher: Aspects of Sovereign Immunity (No recording available)

  • Part 1: Sovereignty, Sovereign Equality and Sovereign Immunity
  • Part 2: Sovereign Immunity and the Sovereign's Servants
  • Part 3: Jurisdiction and Justiciability


February 2014 - O'Connell, Mary: International Law and the Art of Peace


February 2013 - Sands, Phillipe: "La Cour!"

These lectures were not recorded.


February 2012 - Shany, Yuval: The Concept of Jurisdiction and Admissibility in International Adjudication - A Theoretical Framework


February 2010-2011 - Schrijver, Nico: The United Nations of the Future. The Role of International Law 


February 2009-2010 - Shaw, Malcolm: Regulating the Relationship between International and Domestic Law - no recording available


November 11 2008 - Rigo Sureda, Andres: Discretion and Policy in Investment Treaty Arbitration - no recording available


January 2008 - Zacklin, Ralph: The UN Secretariat and the Use of Force in a Unipolar World - no recording available


November 2006 - Wood, Michael: The United Nations Security Council and International Law - no recording available


November 2005 - Blix, Hans: The Use of Force in the International Community - no recording available 


November 2004 - Cot, Jean-Pierre: American Legal Thinking and International Law - A French Perspective - no recording available


November 2003 - Paulsson, Jan: Denial of Justice in International Law - no recording available


2002 - Jackson H, John: The Changing Fundamentals of International Law and International Economic Law: Perspectives on Sovereignty, Subsidiarity, Power Allocation and International Institution Building - no recording available


2001 - Orrego Vicuña, Francisco: International Dispute Settlement in an Evolving Global Society: Constitutionalization, Accessibility, Privatization - no recording available


2000 - Franck, Thomas: Recourse to Force: State Action Against Threats and Armed Attacks - no recording available


1998 - Koskenniemi, M: European Convention on Human Rights - no recording available


1997 - McRae M, Donald: ? - no recording available


1996 - Reisman, Michael: Fraudulent Evidence in International Litigation - no recording available


1994 - HE Judge M Shahabuddeen: Precedent in International Tribunals  - no recording available


1993 - Dr Golsong, Heribert: Investment Protection Abroad: Law and Practise of Bilateral Investment Treaties


1992 - Watts, Arthur Sir, KCMG QC: Antarctia 


1991 - Butler, W E: Russia and the International Legal Order


1990 - Lauterpacht, Eli: Aspects of the Administration of International Justice


1990 - Arangio-Ruiz G: Domestic Jurisdiction


1990 - Brittan, Leon Sir: International Law and the Competition Laws of the European Community


1988 - Higgins QC, Rosalyn: The Work of the United Nations Committee on Human Rights