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Wednesday, 6 March 2024

Dr Andrew Sanger awarded Pilkington Prize for Excellence in TeachingThe Faculty is delighted that Dr Andrew Sanger has been awarded a University of Cambridge Pilkington Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Dr Sanger is Associate Professor of International Law at the Faculty of Law where he teaches and supervises international law and global governance, including human rights, political economy, technology and the law, and corporate responsibility. He also served as Academic Secretary to the Faculty for 2020-2022.

Dr Sanger’s contribution was recognised in the Cambridge Students Union Student-Led Teaching Awards in 2022, where he was the winner of the 'Small-Group Teaching (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)' award. He was a finalist for the Oxford University Press Law Teacher of the Year Award in 2023.

Dr Sanger’s citation for the Pilkington Prize captures the range and quality of his contributions to education in the Faculty of Law: "This nomination focuses on three aspects of his approach that underpin his position as a truly outstanding teacher: (i) the way in which he combines world-class, research-led teaching with a remarkable level of care for his students and attentiveness to their individual needs and circumstances; (ii) his exceptional contributions to inclusivity and curriculum diversification; and (iii) the exemplary level and quality of his institutional engagements, which have contributed invaluably to the quality of teaching in the Faculty of Law and to an inclusive College environment that is supportive of Law students."

The educational experience and the best interests of students lie at the heart of everything that Andrew does as a teacher. Mark Elliott, Chair of the Faculty of Law

Professor Mark Elliott, Chair of the Faculty of Law, commented: "Andrew is an utterly exceptional colleague in every respect. His strengths are rooted in his extraordinary level of commitment to and aptitude for a range of matters that are fundamental to the collegiate University’s academic mission as a beacon of pedagogical excellence. The educational experience and the best interests of students lie at the heart of everything that Andrew does as a teacher. His integrity, enthusiasm, inclusivity, collegiality and passion for his subject shine through, making a profound and lasting impression on students and colleagues, who recognise his remarkable qualities as a teacher and pedagogical innovator."

Responding to his award, Andrew said: "I am delighted and enormously grateful, not least because I know that there are so many brilliant colleagues who are more deserving of recognition. Teaching is a great pleasure and privilege, and I am so very fortunate to work with such incredibly kind, talented, and committed students and colleagues. Thank you so very much to everyone."