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April 2018 - Ranganathan, Surabhi: Snyder Lecture 14: 'The Legal Construction of the Ocean' (video recording posted by Indiana University) (60 mins 5 secs)

May 2016 - Parrish, Austin Snyder Lecture 13: 'US Courts and Transnational Justice: Domestic Politics, Extraterritoriality, and International Law' (37 mins 27 secs) 

April 2015 - Weller, Marc: Snyder Lecture 12: 'Can Law Stop War?' (video recording posted by Indiana University) (60 mins 10 secs)

November 2011 - Cate, Fred H Snyder Lecture 11: 'The Growing Importance (and Irrelevance) of International Data Protection Law' (48 mins 42 secs) 

April 2009 - Fentiman, Richard: Snyder Lecture 10: 'Trading Debts Across Borders: A European Solution?' - No recording available

November 2007 - Buxbaum, Hannah: Snyder Lecture 9: 'National Jurisdiction over Global Business Networks' - No recording available

March 2006 - Seymour, Jilliane: Snyder Lecture 8: 'The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: A Great Mistake?' - No recording available

January 2003 - Delbruck, Jost: Snyder Lecture 7: 'Transnational Federalism: Problems and Prospects of Allocating Public Authority Beyond the State' - No recording available

March 2002 - Marks, Susan: Snyder Lecture 6: 'Empire's Law' - No recording available

March 2001 - Hicks, William: Snyder Lecture 5: 'Harmonization of Disclosure Standards for Crossborder Share Offerings: Approaching an 'International Passport' to Capital Markets?' - No recording available

April 2000 - Crawford, James: Snyder Lecture 4: 'Responsibility to the International Community as a Whole' - No recording available

February 1999 - Aman, Alfred C Jnr: Snyder Lecture 3: 'Proposals for Reforming the Administrative Procedure Act: Globalization, Democracy and the Furtherance of a Global Public Interest' - No recording available

September 1997 - Allott, Philip: Snyder Lecture 2: 'The True Function of Law in the International Community' - No recording available

October 1996 - Lauterpacht, Elihu: Snyder Lecture 1: 'International Law and Private Foreign Investment' - No recording available