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'What Price for Human Rights: Compensating Human Rights Violations' seeks to understand how the European Court of Human Rights determines compensation in human rights claims.

This project was lead by Dr Veronika Fikfak (former LCIL Fellow) and her two assistants: Donata Szabo and Sabrina Boudra.

The project used quantitative and qualitative research methods to analyse the jurisprudence of the European Court in order to discern the legal principles from its practice. Building on Dr Fikfak’s previous work at the European Court of Human Rights and at the Law Commission for England and Wales, the aim was to critically assess the Court’s role in awarding compensation for human rights violations. The project brought together academics (most notably Professor David Feldman, and Professor Mandeep Dhami of Middlesex University), practitioners and domestic and international judges. The project ran from January 2016 to February 2019.

The initial results of the project were presented during an ESIL Lecture as well as at the NYU Junior Faculty Forum and at the Comparative Law and Economics Forum in Amsterdam and published in an article in the European Journal of International Law.