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The Snyder Lectures are held in memory of Dr. Earl Snyder, a 1947 Indiana University law graduate, and form a special partnership between the University of Cambridge and the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

The annual lectures are held alternately in Cambridge and Bloomington and are subsequently published in the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (IJGLS). A related Snyder Scholarship programme also operates.

Where available, audio and video files of these annual lectures are accessible below or in Media/Audio recordings. 

Friday 28 April 2023 (1 pm) - Nagy, Donna M: Snyder Lecture 15: Embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Disclosure: What the US Can Learn From the UK and the EU (50 mins 26 secs)

April 2018 - Ranganathan, Surabhi: Snyder Lecture 14: 'The Legal Construction of the Ocean' (video recording posted by Indiana University) (60 mins 5 secs)

May 2016 - Parrish, Austin Snyder Lecture 13: 'US Courts and Transnational Justice: Domestic Politics, Extraterritoriality, and International Law' (37 mins 27 secs) 

April 2015 - Weller, Marc: Snyder Lecture 12: 'Can Law Stop War?' (video recording posted by Indiana University) (60 mins 10 secs)

November 2011 - Cate, Fred H Snyder Lecture 11: 'The Growing Importance (and Irrelevance) of International Data Protection Law' (48 mins 42 secs) 

April 2009 - Fentiman, Richard: Snyder Lecture 10: 'Trading Debts Across Borders: A European Solution?' - No recording available

November 2007 - Buxbaum, Hannah: Snyder Lecture 9: 'National Jurisdiction over Global Business Networks' - No recording available

March 2006 - Seymour, Jilliane: Snyder Lecture 8: 'The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: A Great Mistake?' - No recording available

January 2003 - Delbruck, Jost: Snyder Lecture 7: 'Transnational Federalism: Problems and Prospects of Allocating Public Authority Beyond the State' - No recording available

March 2002 - Marks, Susan: Snyder Lecture 6: 'Empire's Law' - No recording available

March 2001 - Hicks, William: Snyder Lecture 5: 'Harmonization of Disclosure Standards for Crossborder Share Offerings: Approaching an 'International Passport' to Capital Markets?' - No recording available

April 2000 - Crawford, James: Snyder Lecture 4: 'Responsibility to the International Community as a Whole' - No recording available

February 1999 - Aman, Alfred C Jnr: Snyder Lecture 3: 'Proposals for Reforming the Administrative Procedure Act: Globalization, Democracy and the Furtherance of a Global Public Interest' - No recording available

September 1997 - Allott, Philip: Snyder Lecture 2: 'The True Function of Law in the International Community' - No recording available

October 1996 - Lauterpacht, Elihu: Snyder Lecture 1: 'International Law and Private Foreign Investment' - No recording available