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Cambridge Arbitration Society, CUArb, was established in 2019 as a registered society at the University of Cambridge. The establishment of the society was a response to Cambridge students’ demands to have exposure to the current arbitration scene.

The CUArb aims at promoting the study of international commercial and investment arbitration amongst students, academics, alumni and law practitioners. It seeks to serve as both an educational and networking platform to facilitate discussions on emerging topics in international arbitration and connect students with practitioners.

The CUArb runs a few projects including annual conferences, annual lectures series, preparatory seminars for the Vis Moot competition, educational workshops on arbitration and an arbitration lap. Membership of the CUArb is open to all members at the University of Cambridge and individuals interested in the study and practice of international commercial and investment arbitration.

For further information please email:

Lent Term 2023

17:00 hrs - Thursday 26 January 2023 - (in-person event) - 'Evidence in International Arbitration: Comparing Civil and Common Law Perspective' - Kabir Duggal, Amanda Lee 

17:00 hrs - Wednesday 15 February 2023 - (webinar) - 'Irreconcilable Differences? The Approaches of the English and French Courts to the Law Governing the Arbitration Agreement' - Gisele Stephens-Chu

17:00 hrs - Wednesday 15 March 2023 - (webinar) - 'The Intersection between IP rights and the Protection Afforded by Investment Treaties' - Alejandro Garcia


Lent Term 2022

17:30 hrs - 15 March 2022 - CUArb/LCIL Lecture:'Africa and International Arbitration: Arbitration and Economic Development' (tbc)

17.30 hrs - 1 March 2022 - CUArb/LCIL Lecture: 'Mandatory Rules: what should a commercial tribunal do?' (tbc)

15.00 hrs - 22 February 2022 - CUArb/LCIL Lecture: 'Asian Perspectives: arbitration and emerging economies' (tbc)


Michaelmas Term 2021

17:30 hrs, 25 November 2021 - CUArb/LCIL Lecture: 'The future of oil and gas arbitration' (65 mins)

17.45 hrs, 28 October 2021 - CUArb/LCIL Lecture: 'Third Party Funding: Looking at the Past and Projecting the Future' (70 mins)


Easter Term 2021

12 May 2021 - CUArb/LCIL Lecture: Investment Structuring (and Re-structuring) and Treaty Protection (60 mins 11 sec) 

26 May 2021- CUArb/LCIL Lecture Series: 'Soft Law and International Arbitration: an Interactive Q&A on the Key Instruments and Developments' (64 mins)

9 June 2021 - CUArb/LCIL Lecture Series: 'Multiple courts and tribunals: forum competition, fragmentation or complementarily' (68 mins)

16 June 2021 - CUArb/LCIL Lecture Series: 'Maritime arbitration, the LMAA and the Suez Canal/Ever Given case study' (75 mins)